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Management Team

Francisco Ignacio - Director and President
Mr. Ignacio has worked in several general management roles in the last 5 years. He is a key player in the Everest Development Group management team and is responsible for oversight of the company’s general day to day business activities and procedures. Prior to joining the Everest Development Group, Mr. Ignacio worked primarily in the manufacturing industry. Over the last 15 years he has developed an extensive knowledge of quality assurance and administrative management. In his previous roles, Mr. Ignacio has successfully integrated standards such as the ISO 9000 standard, (International Standardization Organization), as well as the JAS standards, (Japanese Agricultural Standards, which is equivalent to Canada’s CSA standards). Mr. Ignacio graduated from the Plastics Engineering Technology program at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology.
Zafir Rashid - Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Rashid has over 15 years of real estate and management experience. Zafir has been involved in acquisitions and construction before the inception of the Everest Group. An entrepreneur at heart, Zafir has successfully taken his development company from the business of home building to land development and Commercial construction. Under Zafir’s guidance, Everest Development Group has completed numerous subdivisions from raw land stage to infrastructure, servicing to completed buildings. In addition to servicing several subdivisions, Zafir has led Everest to complete the construction of retail commercial , industrial,, condominium complexes and a multitude of condominium conversions. A true leader, Zafir has an eye for property with strong untapped potential, and an eye for the skills he needs around the table to make his projects a success. Zafir studied Economics at the University of Alberta and completed Project Management and Business Management programs at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology.
Sandeep (Sunny) Basra, CMA - Chief Financial Officer
Mr. Basra is a Certified Management Accountant (CMA) with also a degree in Economics from the University of Calgary. He is a proud, born and raised Albertan. Prior to joining the Everest Group, he was the Business Manager/Financial Analyst for the Canadian region for an USA based music services and installation company, headquartered in Texas for close to 4 years. The position was responsible for strategy formulation, and all administration functions for the Canadian region. Prior to that, Mr. Basra spent 4 years with a s family based home construction company.