The Lawrence Towers

Toronto, Ontario
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Project Details

Name: The Lawrence Towers


The proposed Lawrence Towers project is located in the GTA suburb of Scarborough, right at the intersection of two major thoroughfares including Lawrence Avenue East. The site is ideal for residential living, located just minutes from a major shopping power centre and schools. The site is also serviced by major vehicle access and public transportation.
The project plan calls for the demolition of the existing structure on the site and the construction of one structure with two residential towers, joined by a concourse with CRU space and amenities.
Renderings below subject to change.

The footprint of the area is over 2 acres, which will enable the construction of 471 residential units plus 9 luxury townhouses, along with amenities, CRU space, and underground parking. The preliminary concept design for the building calls for a terraced tower that fits in with the shape of the footprint of the structure (above). This unique design will allow for more desirable unit shape construction and sunlight penetration. The City of Toronto has limited the height of the building to 12 stories total, however the large footprint of the building site ensures that the project will still be on par with other Toronto projects in terms of profitability. The new residential condo market in Toronto is very well developed in terms of process and sales timelines. We expect the units to sell out within a few months after announcing pre-sale. The condo units will be sold as individual units, and the CRU/office space will be leased out and sold to a REIT or similar fund.